Mike Lloyd

Founder, based in UK

Author, ‘Schooling at the Speed of Thought’ based on 30 years Education and Technology experience. 14 years at Microsoft, Former Schooling Solutions Lead in WW Education Team. Capabilities range from in-depth technical work to marketing.

Skype: mikelloyd.tech
UK +44 756 852 0037


Ian Myles

Design and Technology Lead, based in Singapore

Designer and entrepreneur who spent most of his working life in Silicon Valley, and is now living in Singapore. Amongst Ian’s work is working product prototypes designed for Intel’s Paul Otellini’s CES keynote in 2009. Ian has a deep specialism in wearables.




Ned Phillips

Learning Experience Architect, based in London

Ned has spent more than 25 years creating environments and activities that get to the heart of science communication.

Ned’s work includes learning spaces at The Smithsonian, Washington; Natural History Museum, London; The Field Museum, Chicago; Royal Botanic Gardens, London; and The London Stock Exchange.