CLWB Joins “IoT Boost”

CLWB is delighted to have been accepted onto the UK Government’s IoT Boost program. This will boost our product development capacity. As part of our involvement, we will also be hosted within SETSquared – the world’s #1 university business incubator – out of the Engine Shed in Bristol. This will give us access to world-class technical, scientific and business… Read More

CLWB at Box Hill Technology School

Our 2-day workshop with Box Hill Institute in Victoria in March 2016 lead to some amazing learning outcomes. Watch the video here:   Thanks to Norman Gray, CEO, Susan Maastricht, Kain Gardner, Barb Alexandra, Trisha Broom, our partners Adrian Bertolini and Rachel Manneke-Jones from Intuyu Consulting, Pathik Shah from Pakronics, and, of course the students  – Team Moose, Art Girls, The… Read More

Transforming Education with the Internet of Things

We are delighted to announce the publication of a paper that we’ve written with Intel explaining the opportunities that Internet of Things (IoT) technologies bring to education. The paper covers the following areas: What is IoT? New learning opportunities IoT in STEM Enhancing the classroom experience with IoT technologies Using IoT to make assessment more effective How does IoT… Read More

Internet de Educativa

El acceso masivo a Internet tiene apenas 20 años y durante este tiempo los Servicios Web han revolucionado por completo nuestra interacción – entonces, ¿cómo nos transformará Internet en los próximos 20 años? Este artículo explica cómo se puede diseñar la arquitectura de tecnologías para permitir que el aprendizaje florezca en el mundo emergente de… Read More


Today the mikelloydtech blog passed the 10,000 views milestone, which given its level of specialism and the fact that its only been running since Janaury, is very encouraging indeed. I also get to celebrate the fact that my book, Schooling at the Speed of Thought, has now sold over 1,100 copies, again since Janaury 2011. Thanks to all my… Read More