Video + for Lessons and Collaboration


New innovations in enhanced video player features including searchable video, linked transcripts, user notes, and interactive extras, have been developed at Microsoft Research in a project called Tuva. For a great demo of Tuva features, including a series of lectures by Richard Feynman, click here.

Applying some of the principles of project Tuva in a schooling setting is Wortell – an innovative Netherlands based Sytem Integrator (SI). The “Talent Video Portal” was developed as a solution for a school that needed a user-friendly way for students to share video’s with each other under the supervision of a teacher. Users can add documents, comments, feedback, remarks and hyperlinks on a timeline, and there’s easy connection to Facebook too.

The Talent Video Portal is hosted on Windows Azure for the following reasons:

–          Optimised for cost, scale and usgage cycles

–          By using Windows Azure there was no need for technical support

–          The application was developed and deployed without touching the schools infrastructure and IT support department, so the initial investment was limited to development only

Below are some videos that demonstrate the portal’s functionality:

I’m very much looking forward to seeing Wortell’s V2.0 of this portal.

Thanks to Danny Burlage Tim Heuperman and Larry Nelson.

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